Message from the principal


Mrs. Owens

Welcome to Dexter! My name is DeKarla Y. Owens and I am grateful to be the principal at Dexter Elementary School. I am thrilled to be here with your children.  My goals are to provide a unique safe, learning environment, as well as wanting to influence each child there is a leader within each and every one of them. I want your child to take advantage of all of the opportunities they can in order to excel and achieve in life.   

My inspiration and drive for learning came from my parents.  Gayle Garrett and the late Douglas Garrett.  I am strong praying woman who loves and believes strongly in my faith and enjoys spending quality time with my family. I have a strong church family and believe strongly in prayer and keeping God the head of my life.  I have three brothers and three sisters. 

I am married to Donald Owens and the mother of three; DeAira (wife to Andre Floyd), DeOntre, & DeLyse.  I have a granddaughter, DreAuna Floyd.

Being a native of Evansville has been a plus for my life.  I traveled and competed in gymnastics for several years.  During my Elementary years, I attended Delaware School until the year I was supposed to be an eighth grader.  Some of the schools changed to middle schools and I spent my last year before high school at Evans Middle School. This was a hi-light in my life because I was able to continue to be a leader and met more friends.

In high school, I attended and graduated from North High School.  My four years of high school was a lot of fun and adventurous.  I’d have to say I was “Blessed” all through school because I LOVED my teachers and education in the EVSC.

Before going into education, I was interested in pharmacy.  I worked as a technician at Schnucks’ Pharmacy, then went to Deaconess Hospital as a Pharmacy Tech and worked all through college.

I am a graduate from University of Southern Indiana in with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education with a Middle School Endorsement and a Language Arts Minor. I started my teaching career at Cedar Hall Elementary School, now known as Cedar Hall Community School. This experience was awesome.  I just love the students, families, and faculty at Cedar Hall.

In 2005, I earned a Master’s degree in Education from Indiana Wesleyan, and the following year, I completed the Principal’s Licensure Program for grades K-12. 

During my career, I have taught second grade science, and third through fifth grade reading. I’ve taught fourth/fifth grades in all content areas for six years. I was a team leader for several years, member of the Education Intervention Team, Data Team, and have served as a member on the Evansville Area Reading Council.  My last two years, I served as Literacy Coach and became a consultant for Project CHILD.

My strong points are building relationships with students, families, and staff. I’ve had intense professional development with many initiatives.  I am so excited to see when children learn and grow through their experiences. 

I was nominated and won the Educators’ Award from the Black Women’s Task Force. I’ve also served as a Board Member for the Evansville Public Library for a three-year term. 

My love for reading is extensive.  I enjoy reading about information I do not know about.  I am always encouraging students to read and to learn something new they can connect with or apply within their daily lives.  I also love to write!  I bet I could write a BEST SELLER right now.  I love to dance as well and I am working on wanting to LOVE to exercise because this practice is so important for healthy living.

In 2011-12, I had the honor to be named the Assistant Principal at Highland Elementary School. During this time, I was able to implement several supports for students and staff. 

In January 2016, I was honored to go to Dexter Elementary School as the Principal.  Dexter is my new home and I am ready to implement goals and projects for your children to be successful for their life ahead of them.

I am ready for each year to be a positive learning experience. I am passionate about your child’s learning.  

DeKarla Y. Owens