Drop off/Pick Up Procedures

If you are dropping your child off at school in the morning please join the southbound car line that will form along the west side of Dexter Ave.  Children can access the sidewalk that leads to the main entrance of the school.  We ask that you remain in the line and follow signals from the safety director.  Please avoid passing other cars in the line.  If you need extra time with your child please park on Blackford or Powell.  Students can access the crosswalk on Dexter in order to safely enter the building.  Please do not park on Dexter Ave. at any time.  Traffic is horrendous at arrival and dismissal and we must be very careful, keeping the lanes free of traffic. 

In the afternoon please join the line again and wait patiently as students are dismissed to the cars.  We ask that you do not pass or park during afternoon pickup; after the first week of school drop off and pick up will run very smoothly if everyone complies with the procedures.